How to Prosper in the Real Estate Market

What is the forecast?

And how is it going to affect you? 

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Keeping in Touch’ for 2017.

Real Estate is a topic of discussion that most people have in their lives, usually more than once and it can be one of the most emotional and financial events you could be involved in. 2017 looks very interesting, we suggest that you talk to us to find out where the market is right now and what might its future be and, most importantly, how does it affect you?

Why is it that some people and some agents prosper in any market (particularly a tough one)? Investors and agents in particular are quick to praise themselves for success when a boom is on, crediting themselves rather than crediting the market. Yet when the market turns sour, the same people and agents blame the market (not themselves) for poor results.

Do some early homework if real estate is on your 2017 agenda.

So how do you prosper in any market?

We would be delighted to discuss this with you and most importantly understand your circumstances to ensure a prosperous 2017 is in your forecast.

As a side note, many of the best sales are achieved without the fanfare and rigmarole of going on the public market. We simply match a registered buyer to an up and coming seller. Be a registered buyer with us and don’t miss out the on the best properties. And, if selling, we can come and discuss with you, which of our Registered Buyers suit your property.

Thanks for ‘Staying in Touch’.

Mark and Deann Watkins – on behalf of the team at CE Property Group

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How to Prosper in the Real Estate Market