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What does 2019 hold for you and how can we help?

12 December, 2018

2018 knowledge selling spring

KEEP IN TOUCH – NOVEMBER 2018 With the year coming to a close and preparations commencing for the festive season, now is a great time to reflect on the last 11 months and look forward to the future. What does 2019 hold for you? A new job? New home? New investment possibilities? In the book […]


10 most common questions seller ask

12 December, 2018

2018 community knowledge selling spring

KEEP IN TOUCH – OCTOBER 2018 Spring has definitely sprung and Adelaide’s hills and suburbs are looking gorgeous. This may also be the time you’ve decided to sell your home. It’s a big deal and there are many questions that sellers ask before they decide to sell and during the selling process. We have looked […]

Calendar Photo Competition closes with 191 entries

12 December, 2018

2018 community events spring

KEEP IN TOUCH – SEPTEMBER 2018   Welcome to our latest edition of ‘Keeping In Touch’. WOW!!! That is about all I can say right now! The response we have had to the Calendar Photo Competition has far exceeded our expectations. Not only did we receive 191 photos from 77 entrants, the calibre of photographs […]

Real Estate does not Hibernate

8 August, 2018

2018 knowledge selling winter

KEEP IN TOUCH – AUGUST 2018 Right now, if I was thinking of selling my own property, I would probably initially say to myself ‘Wait until spring, it will look far better’.   I love gardens and mine are in desperate need of a little TLC; the skeletal nature of my deciduous trees and the […]

What's happening in real estate?

24 July, 2018

2018 autumn buying knowledge selling

KEEP IN TOUCH – JULY 2018   What in the world is going on in Real Estate? In the last 2 weeks have you heard like I have, all of these? *    Adelaide’s house prices have gone up                 *    The real estate boom has ended *    Reserve Bank will keep interest rates on hold     *    […]

Buying or selling... talk to an expert

24 July, 2018

2018 autumn general

Welcome to our Easter 2018 edition of ‘Keeping In Touch’. Easter and the four day break for many of us could simply mean a picnic in the park, a day at the beach, stay at home to do some gardening, perhaps the Oakbank race meeting or even a short camping trip up the River Murray. […]

What is the highest price for your property?

24 July, 2018

2018 knowledge selling summer

Welcome to our February 2018 edition of ‘Keep In Touch’. Following on from last month’s edition, which touched on ‘Do we sell or not?’, remember, the first step is not selling, it’s working out what the real value of your property is! Placing a property on the market does not mean selling but it enables you […]

To sell or not to sell...

24 July, 2018

2018 knowledge selling summer

KEEP IN TOUCH – JANUARY 2018 Welcome to our first edition of ‘Keep In Touch’ for 2018. In previous editions we have talked about ‘When is it the right time to sell?’ and it is one of the most commonly asked questions. So, let’s be clear on it. The answer to this question is – […]

What a year!

24 July, 2018

2017 summer

KEEP IN TOUCH – DECEMBER 2017 Welcome to our Christmas 2017 edition of Keeping In Touch. So Christmas is just around the corner and another year comes to a close. Christmas is a really special time of the year and it is a time when we can sit back and reflect on the year just gone and for some us, start planning […]

When is the right time to sell?

24 July, 2018

2017 selling spring

It is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive. When asked this question by a seller, the expected answer is related to a particular time of the year and yes, that certainly may be important, but other factors are more important. Let’s look at the 3 considering factors of when to sell:- *     […]

What should you pay to market your property?

24 July, 2018

2017 knowledge marketing selling spring

Thank you to those who have asked questions and allowed me to help them. There was one question that I received which is a beauty – and I wanted to respond to this. How much money should the home owner spend when marketing their property for sale? This topic gets me fired up! Just recently, […]

Selling in Spring

24 July, 2018

2017 knowledge selling winter

We are on the door step of Spring and the signs are evidenced: the wattles are just about done, the almond blossoms are next and the early ground swell of Spring buyers has commenced.  So much so, that I want to give the best tip I can to sellers, that is, ‘Get in Early’. Understandably […]

The Pitfalls of Real Estate Advertising

24 July, 2018

2017 knowledge winter

Thank you for receiving and reading our e-newsletters. We try to keep them an easy, enjoyable read along with including helpful information and tips about the property market. We welcome your comments and input, so feel free to add to the discussion. In this edition, I want to share with you the very unfortunate ‘profit […]

Welcome to the Team

24 July, 2018

2017 community sales team winter

Welcome to the June edition of ‘Keeping In Touch’. Winter has well and truly arrived, all we need now is rain and plenty of it. It’s always wonderful to see the countryside with dams full, pastures turning green and crops growing well. One of our aims is to know a bit more about you so that we can assist you […]

Real Estate doesn't Hibernate

24 July, 2018

2017 buying knowledge selling winter

Welcome to our Mother’s Day edition of ‘Keeping in Touch’. We would like to take this opportunity to wish every mum out there the very best for Sunday and we hope that everyone gets to enjoy the day with special people. From the Desk of Mark Watkins It was interesting to hear, just recently, a […]

Real Estate with a Difference

24 July, 2018

2017 autumn community knowledge sales team

Welcome to our Easter edition of ‘Keeping in Touch’. We hope you enjoy the new layout and have found it an easier newsletter to read. Our Community Notice Board is alive and well, however we always welcome new and interesting articles to add to it. Please see the end of this letter for details on how to be […]

The True Value of your Property

24 July, 2018

2017 autumn knowledge selling

Welcome to our March 2017 edition of ‘Keeping In Touch’.  When selling and making life changing decisions, you need to know – What is the true value of your property? Is it       a). The price the agent gives you? b). The price you want to achieve? c). The price a buyer says they will pay? d). […]

How to Prosper in the Real Estate Market

24 July, 2018

2017 buying knowledge summer

What is the forecast? And how is it going to affect you?  Welcome to the first edition of ‘Keeping in Touch’ for 2017. Real Estate is a topic of discussion that most people have in their lives, usually more than once and it can be one of the most emotional and financial events you could be […]


5 January, 2015


Choosing the right agent is crucial if you want to get the highest price for your property with the least amount of stress. Buyers have a choice – your home or someone else’s Your agent should be skilled, selling the positives of your property and, when necessary, selling the negatives of properties that are listed […]