Real Estate does not Hibernate


Right now, if I was thinking of selling my own property, I would probably initially say to myself ‘Wait until spring, it will look far better’.


I love gardens and mine are in desperate need of a little TLC; the skeletal nature of my deciduous trees and the strange blend of weeds amongst the remnants of grass, make my garden look rather average at the moment. Of course I wouldn’t sell it now. Nor, however, do I plan busting out the board shorts and heading to the beach or river in the next few weeks. Some activities are seasonal right? And best performed at certain times of the year.


But here’s where it is so different. Real estate is not governed by seasons in the main; it is driven by so many other factors such as supply and demand, economics, interest rates and more. Real estate doesn’t shut down just because the weather is cold; it is active all year round. Just like the need to buy food to eat all year round, people have a need to buy and sell properties all year round as their circumstances change and opportunities present themselves every day. Earlier this year, in January, I said that most people that will buy and sell real estate in 2018 won’t know that they will be doing so yet.


So, what do I mean about getting in early? Prices of properties are affected more by supply/demand and interest rates rather than the season. In the first 28 days of July, CE Property Group sold 16 properties with another 9 going under contract. That is almost 1 per day. (Give me those sorts of numbers every month and I am a very happy business owner with many happy clients). Therefore, with the ‘Wait until spring arrives to put our property on the market’ mind-set of many up and coming sellers, combined with diminishing stock levels due to many sales, it simply means a higher end price when demand outweighs supply. Whether it is petrol, electricity, baby formula or footy finals tickets, prices go up when demand is high and supply is low.


Therefore, when spring comes and, with my initial thoughts about how my property presents, how will my price hold up when the influx of new listings hit the market in spring and buyers are spoilt for choice? Add in the possibility of an interest rate rise and all of a sudden, sellers may compete for select buyers rather than buyers competing for select properties.


All I am suggesting is do some early homework. Plan well and get advice. Have a chat with us about what is right for you!


For too long I have poked fun at myself and have always threatened to do something about my health. A few months ago I attended one of Peter Allen’s presentations and found it incredibly interesting and helpful. I believe this presentation was so enlightening and beneficial that I wanted to give this opportunity to others. This Sunday (5th August) we are hosting Health Overhaul presented by Peter Allen and I would like to extend an invitation to you. The presentation is about being healthier and treating ailments, both minor and severe, in natural ways. The information is explained in a way that is very simple to understand. The examples, stories, facts and information in this session made it, for us, one of the most important that I have attended. For more information, Click Here.


I have commenced a healthy eating / living regime and as a consequence should lose some weight. Tell me your inspiring stories if you feel they would help me – I really want to be healthier and feel great.


Finally, something I have never done. I want to publically thank the most wonderful team of people I have ever worked with: Dee, Zena, Ali, Sue, Michelle, Lynton, Denise, Sherrie, Nina, Rebecca and the two Michaels, who make this business so enjoyable and I trust this reflects on how we look after our clients.


Regards as always

Mark Watkins

Director/Sales Manager


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Real Estate does not Hibernate