Real Estate with a Difference

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Real Estate with a Difference!

Is it just a catch cry? Or significant benefits for clients?

Frequently we are asked, what is real estate with a difference? Which made us think, how many people ask themselves that question?

This of course triggers a secondary and more important question, how will this difference, benefit you? (The seller of a property).

Here is the briefiest  of insights into some of the differences between usual Real Estate Agents Vs CE Property Group’s Real Estate with a Difference.

Typical Real Estate    Real Estate with a Difference   
* Charge for advertising/marketing no matter the result ** Reimburse clients at settlement for any financial contribution made
* Charge for administration & servicing ** Free and all part of the service we provide
* List with 1 agent (minimal support) ** List with a team of 6 agents (personalised service maximised)
* Usually 1 office ** 3 Offices + multiple window displays
* Typical marketing ** Typical marketing plus many other marketing forums
* Negotiate a sale price ** Negotiate the highest sale price
* Charge a fee ** Earn a commission

Any one of these plus many other differences, potentially hurt or reward your experience and most importantly, what you end up with in your pocket. When the differences are collectively working for you, the results can be amazing. If you would like to learn more on how you would be benefited, please call. We would love to know more about you and your property.

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