If you are like most sellers, the thought of selling your property can be daunting.

This will give you some practical ideas to make the tasks of selecting an agent, working with your agent, and showcasing your property in its finest light, as easy and stress-free as possible.

When it comes to getting the highest price for your property, these are the two things that, more than any others, will optimise your chance of success.

But before we get into those areas, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?

Why are you selling?
Now before you go thinking that this is none of my business, I put it to you that this is a critical question that you should answer before you begin the sale process, and certainly before you go talking to a real estate agent.
You see, this sale is all about YOU.

Will your life improve as a result of the sale of your property?
You should be able to discern a clear and positive reason why you will benefit from the sale.

For example, you might be selling to:

  • Upgrade to a larger home to accommodate a growing family
  • Reduce financial pressure
  • Downsize to a smaller and more manageable home
  • Move to a retirement village

In all of these cases your life should improve once you make the move.

Human beings are goal-oriented creatures. We all need something upon which to set our sights.

If there is a benefit to you in the long run, the selling process will be much easier for you.

You should never put your property on the market with the thought, “If I get my price I’ll sell”, or something similar.

Without a clear goal you are wasting your time, emotional energy, and money.

 Source: How to Get the Highest Price for Your Property – Compiled by Gary Pittard who has a career of almost thirty years in sales, sales management and in sales training.

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