To sell or not to sell...


Welcome to our first edition of ‘Keep In Touch’ for 2018.

In previous editions we have talked about ‘When is it the right time to sell?’ and it is one of the most commonly asked questions. So, let’s be clear on it. The answer to this question is – Sell when the resulting sale allows you to do the things you want to do in your life. Rather obvious, I know, but why sell if it doesn’t positively impact on your life?

Selling your property does not happen when you decide to put it on the market. Putting it on the market simply allows you to learn what its real value is. Only when you have received the highest and best offer do you make the ‘sell or not’ decision.

So, the first line of questioning is – Do I want to find out what the top value of my property really is? The answer here lies in these self-reflection questions.

Would it improve our lives if we were to sell?

Can we do things we want to do or would rather be doing?

  What does life look like for us if we don’t sell?

Everyone has their own agenda. Most sales are positively driven – for example, the sale involves moving to a nicer area, perhaps a bigger home or it frees up money to retire and travel, all exciting drivers.

Sometimes the drivers are negative, for example,  health issues, financial problems or relationship break downs and, sadly, some people are 3 out of 3 here. The common denominator, regardless of whether the drivers are positive or negative, is that the resulting sale puts the seller in a position that is better than they would be if they were not to sell.

So, you have made the first decision, which is to find out what your property is really worth. First Step – do some early homework, speak with one of our sales people about how to maximise the saleability and price without unnecessary expense or effort. (This may help you decide whether going on the market is the right option for you.) There is no cost or obligation for this of course.

Finally, when a seller selects an agent, it is based on confidence, trust, likeability, belief and, of course, an understanding of their competence in doing the very best job possible.

It is the same selection criteria we apply when we recruit our staff and we are so proud to advise that Michelle De Marchi has earned her position on our sales team and we are so privileged to have her with us.

Keep firing the questions on any topics you would like to raise.

Kind Regards

Mark Watkins
Director / Sales Manager

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