What is the highest price for your property?

Welcome to our February 2018 edition of ‘Keep In Touch’.

Following on from last month’s edition, which touched on ‘Do we sell or not?’, remember, the first step is not selling, it’s working out what the real value of your property is!

Placing a property on the market does not mean selling but it enables you to discover the highest price and, only then, the sell decision can be applied.

So what is the highest price for your property?

Is it     a).  The price the agent quotes?

b).  The price you the seller wants?

c).  The price everyone else tells you? (Friends, Family, Neighbours, Work colleagues etc.)

d).  The price a buyer offers?

e).  None of the above?

Most people believe it is d). What the buyer offers. This is not true. A buyer can offer any amount they like, however, unless it is their highest price, it is simply an offer. Even if it is acceptable to the seller, if it is not the highest price the buyer will pay, the seller is at risk of losing thousands of dollars.

For example; A buyer offers $410,000. The seller says yes as it gets them happily moved. Happy buyer yes, happy seller yes, happy agent yes! But what if the buyer would have paid $425,000? How would the seller feel knowing they paid a fee (say $10,000) to the agent who left $15,000 in the buyer’s pocket and not their own? The real cost of selling is now $25,000. If the seller knew of this scenario, the outcome would look like this – Happy buyer definitely, happy agent yes, happy seller – no way!

So, how do you know when the price being offered is the highest price? Let us show you. Give us a call.

Only now should you make that ultimate life changing decision, that is, when you can answer Yes to these 2 questions.

a). Is it the highest price (not just an acceptable price)?

b). Does the resulting sale have you better off than if you didn’t sell (be it a positively or negatively driven sale)?

Hope this is helpful and interesting to you. It’s not rocket science but it is very important in the emotions of real estate and financial implications for property owners.

Let us learn about you and we can ‘hold your hand’ to bring about this successful outcome.

Kind Regards

Mark Watkins
Director / Sales Manager

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What is the highest price for your property?